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PureGusto is an Authorised UK Reseller for Blendtec Blenders, Blendtec Jugs & Blendtec Rinsers.


PureGusto, Stockists of Blendtec Blenders the Worlds Leading Commercial Blenders made by Blendtec

Blendtec blenders are renowned for their power, ease of use, versatility and reliability and boast the most powerful motors to the safest blades.


Pure Gusto guarantee that you will receive the lowest prices on Blendtec Blenders or Blendtec smoothie blender packages, when you order from us.


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Blendtec Stealth 895 NBS Blender

Why waste ingredients when you can have perfectly proportioned drinks and smoothies blended right in the cup you give your customer!

  • Price From £2099.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price £1895.00 + VAT
  • You Save £204.99
Blendtec Chef 775 Commercial Blender

Blendtec Chef Commercial Blender - Blendtec Smoothie Blender Chef 775 - PRODUCT DELISTED BY BLENDTEC

  • Price From £749.99
  • Offer Price From £649.99
  • You Save £100.00
Blendtec Jugs

Blendtec Jugs Available With Flat Lids And Also Insert Lids. The Upgraded Wildside Jar With 4 Inch Blade Is Also Available.

  • Price From £79.99 + VAT
Pack Size: 1 x 1
Blendtec Wildside Plus Five Side Jar

Wildside+ Version - Blendtec Wildside+ Jars Boasts A 4 Inch Blade Which Enhances Blending Dramatically And Is Essentially Good For Using Chocolate Bars Etc. With.

  • Price From £129.99 + VAT
Blendtec Colour Coded Jars

Set Your Drinks Apart... Distinguish Your Non Dairy Blended Drinks Quickly And Ensure No Cross Contamination

  • Price From £94.99 + VAT
Blendtec Twist Jar - Large

The All New Blendtec Twist Jar Enables You To Blend Your Product To Perfection Using Its Twisting Technique, Perfect For Thick Drinks.

  • PureGusto Price £139.99 + VAT
Blendtec Xpress EZ600 Commercial Blender

Blendtec Ez600 Blender & 1 Jugs Package - Price Guarantee Blendtec Commercial Blender - Low Volume Smoothie Maker

  • Price From £629.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £499.99 + VAT
  • You Save £130.00
Pack Size: 1 Blendtec & 1 Jug
Blendtec ABC Commercial Blender


  • Price From £1149.00
  • Offer Price From £979.00
  • You Save £170.00
Pack Size: 1 Blendtec ABC
Blendtec Connoisseur 825 Q Series Blender

Blendtec Commercial Blenders - Newly Renamed Blendtec Connoisseur Blender Formerly The Blendtec Q Series Smoothie Blender- High Volume Smoothie Blender - Perfect For Shake Bars, Cafe's Coffee Shops & Smoothie Bars

  • Price From £1199.95 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £885.00 + VAT
  • You Save £314.95
Pack Size: 1 Blendtec Q Series
Blendtec Stealth 875 Commercial Blender

The Stealth Blender Is The Strongest, Most Advanced Blender On The Market, & Can Be Used In Environments Where Low Noise Is Critical.

  • Price From £1649.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £1119.99 + VAT
  • You Save £530.00
Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station

He Rapid Rinse Station Reclaims Valuable Counter Space With Its Minimal Form Factor, And Is Perfect For Stacking Multiple Blendtec Jars

  • PureGusto Price £449.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £399.99 + VAT
  • You Save £50.00
Blendtec Jug Rapid Rinser

Blendtec Jug Rinser Is A Small Device To Help Get Your Jugs Sanitized And All Ready To Use Again In A Matter Of Seconds.

  • PureGusto Price £279.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £224.24 + VAT
  • You Save £55.75
Pack Size: 1 x 1
Blendtec Motor Enclosure

Replacement Motor Enclosure Available For Blendtec Machines

  • Price From £164.99 + VAT
Blendtec Sound Enclosure

Replacement Sound Enclosure To Help Reduce Noise By 10 Decibels

  • PureGusto Price £169.99 + VAT
PP Clear Plastic Smoothie Cups & Lids

Pp Clear Plastic Smoothie Cups - 10 / 12 / 16 / 20 Oz Sizes Available With Domed Or Flat Lids - Fully Recyclable Smoothie Cups.

  • Price From £29.99 + VAT
Pack Size: 1 x 1000
PLA Biodegradable Smoothie Cups & Lids

Pla Clear Plastic Smoothie Cups - Natural Materials Make These Biodegradable Smoothie Cups Unique - With Domed Or Flat Lids There Perfect For Serving Cold Drinks To Even The Discerning Customer.

  • Price From £29.99 + VAT
Pack Size: 1 x 1000
PureShakes Milkshake Starter Kit

PureGusto Complete Milkshake Starter Kit To Cater For All Your Needs - 5 Flavours Of Shake & Mixer Complete With Mixing Jar!

  • Price From £249.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £179.99 + VAT
  • You Save £70.00
Pack Size: 1 Mixer / 6 Shakes
Dinkum Shmoo MilkShake Starter Kit

This Dinkum Shmoo Milkshake Starter Kit Includes Dinkum Milkshake Mixer, 3 Tubs Of Various Dinkum Milkshake Flavours, Cups, Straws & Plenty Of Pos

  • Price From £369.99 + VAT
  • Offer Price From £289.99 + VAT
  • You Save £80.00
Pack Size: 1 Mixer & Over 350 Cups Worth Of Milkshake

Blendtec EZ600 Blender

Made to handle low volumes, the Blendtec Xpress model is designed to perform well while not taking up a great deal of space, and it has thirty pre-programmed blend cycles. The Xpress delivers big power at a budget price and is perfect for those that want a good return on their equipment investment.


Blendtec CHEF Commercial Blender 

Maybe you have limited counter space in your business, or you need to add another blending machine but you have no idea where to put it. Blendtec makes space saver commercial blender models that may be the perfect solution. They are considerably smaller in height, width, and depth, than standard models.


Blendtec Connoisseur Q Series Smoothie Blender

When you want something that is heavy duty, the Blendtec Q Series may be the right choice. If you serve a lot of smoothie drinks in a day, this blender can handle the job. It can prepare 120 drinks a day without problems. One touch blending process that utilizes an LCD screen and electric keypad, makes it easy to train employees.


Blendtec ABC Commercial Smoothie Blender

Like the Q Series, the ABC Smoothie Blender comes with a standard J2 jar or you can order it with a 3 quart jar. With this blender you can make 150 drinks each day.


Blendtec Stealth Commercial Blender

Some commercial blenders can make a great deal of noise, due to heavy duty components. Blendtec Stealth models are made for businesses that need to keep noise to a minimum, and yet enjoy all the benefits of an advanced commercial blender with long life.


Blendtec Blender Sound Enclosures

If you are interested in minimal noise from a blender, you may wish to invest in a Blendtec sound enclosure. These units can reduce noise as much as ten decibels, and that can keep your equipment from disturbing customers.


Blendtec Commercial Blender Accessories

Why rinse out your blender jugs constantly when you can set them on your Blendtec Jug Rinser. This gives you more time to take care of customers. If you make thick drinks, you might want to try the Blendtec Twist Jar. Its unique design allows for better mixing of thick materials, and you can order your Blendtec Blender online today.



Blendtec Yellow Jar and Lid

The Blendtec yellow jar blender makes it very easy to separate dairy from non-dairy drinks. The yellow colour code tells everyone in your business that this container is different from all the rest. This is a good way to reduce the chances of cross-contamination. It fits all Blendtec model blenders and is made from PBA free plastic.

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