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      Lavazza Coffee

      Lavazza Coffee Products

      PureGusto proudly offers "Italy's favourite coffee" to the UK. Lavazza coffee has been around for more than a century and is considered to be one of the leading coffee companies in the world today. We have a large variety of Lavazza great coffees for your enjoyment.


      Lavazza Beans

      If you like to grind your own fresh coffee, Lavazza has plenty of fine brands for you. For example, their Tierra Arabica coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified. Only agricultural products grown on farms that meet standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network may apply for this certification. You can rest assured that the coffee beans you buy are grown under eco friendly and socially responsible conditions.


      Lavazza Tierra Arabica Coffee Beans

      This coffee is made from one hundred percent Arabica coffee beans. These beans come from South America and Central America and the climate and soil produces a liquorice flavour that is sweet and light tasting. This will create a coffee that is medium in strength.


      Lavazza Crema Aroma Coffee Beans

      If you like a creamy coffee, the Crema Aroma is a good blend to try. It makes an excellent cup of coffee and espresso too. Crema Aroma is made from three fine coffees:

      South American Arabica coffee

      African coffee

      Robusta from India


      Lavazza Pienaroma Coffee Beans

      If you are interested in selling gourmet espresso, Lavazza Pienaroma is worth trying. It is made from Arabica blends from the Caribbean, Brazil, and Central America. Its creamy texture is perfect for espresso and it is lower in caffeine than many other blends.


      Lavazza Super Crema

      This blend of coffee is taken from Robusta beans that come from Indonesia, Brazil, and Central America. It is a unique blend that has a hazelnut aroma and a fruity kind of sweetness, and it tastes as good as it smells.


      Lavazza Gold Selection

      If you like coffee with an intense taste and after taste, you will love Lazazza Gold Selection blend. The beans come from Asia, Brazil, and Central America, and many people like this coffee with milk drinks and it's very tasty with creamy rich treats. It is also perfect for mocha drinks, as the coffee itself has a chocolate after-taste.


      Lavazza Grand Espresso Coffee Beans

      This coffee is made for the espresso machine and its South American blend is intensely rich and flavourful. Plus you'll taste a hint of spice.


      DEK Decaf Sachets

      If you love Lavazza fine coffees but are not fond of caffeine, you will appreciate their decaf blends. Plus, the decaf sachets do not require any grinding or preparation at all. There are no decaffeinating chemicals in the coffee as it is removed with natural processes. So simple to use; one sachet equals one espresso serving. You also can purchase Lavazza Grand Crema coffee pods for great tasting Lavazza coffee anytime, and service from PureGusto is only a phone call away.

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