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      About Us

      About PureGusto Coffee Company

      Recently, Puro Gusto Coffee Company became PureGusto Coffee Company, and the only change was the name. We are still located in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, in Northwest England, and offer the same high-quality coffee products and services to the UK and we are still the leading coffee company in the United Kingdom.

      What is PureGusto?

      PureGusto is coffee, and some of the finest coffee in the world. We sell coffee, coffee beans, coffee machines, and we also service coffee machines and equipment all throughout the United Kingdom. If you have coffee needs, then PureGusto is the company to turn to.
      In the UK, we have more than fifty trained technicians that are qualified to commission, install, and maintain your coffee equipment. You only need to make a phone call for service.

      What is PureGusto Coffee?

      Our coffee represents some of the finest blends from all over the planet. These coffee beans are expertly grown but even the very best beans in the world are of little use if they are not properly roasted.
      PureGusto uses a process known as convection roasting. The beans are not simply spun around inside of a drum while roasted. This can lead to uneven roasting and can greatly affect the taste of your coffee. Our convection process roasts the beans evenly without scorching. This gives you a smooth tasting coffee that is not bitter.

      What kind of coffee do you like? We have all kinds and we also provide, smoothies, shake, instant coffee, vending coffee, Lavazza coffee products, Kenco coffee products, and bottled water.
      We carry several fine tea products and many are organic, ethical and FairTrade products. This includes green teas, decaf teas, and a huge variety of herbal teas.
      If you serve your customers flavoured coffee, you can buy all kinds of flavour enhancement products from us. We also can furnish you with cookies, biscuits, and cakes. But that's not all. You can purchase high-quality commercial coffee equipment.
      Choose from some of the finest espresso machines, filter coffee machines, and automatic coffee machines. We are also proud to be an agent of Blendtec Blenders, some of the finest commercial-grade machines in the business.
      Over 500 additional ancillary products are also available; from sugars to syrups, biscuits to blenders, filter coffee and Fairtrade products all at lower rates… Additional discounts are also available for bulk orders…

      How can we serve you today? Check out our website and see all the great things you can order online. It's very easy to sign up online for a business account and start taking advantage of our great offers. You also can contact us at 0800 644 6650 or email us at

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