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      Commercial Warranty Terms

      Commercial Warranty Terms

      PureGusto Commercial Coffee Equipment




      1.1 This statement outlines the terms and conditions of the warranty supplied by PureGusto on all machines distributed throughout the United Kingdom by PureGusto.

      1.2 These terms and conditions form part of the PureGusto terms and conditions of sale which are agreed by placing an order with PureGusto.

      1.3 This warranty applies to machines sold for use in the United Kingdom only with the following clauses.

      1.4 Machines sited outside the Mainland UK will only be covered by the parts only aspect of the warranty.



      2.1 Service Agent Company authorized by PureGusto to carry out warranty work during the warranty term.

      2.2. Non warranty work or action that is not covered within the terms or time frame of the warranty conditions.

      2.3. Call out charge made to attend site, this may include time on site.

      2.4. Time on site additional charging for time engineers have spent on site over the time that may be included within the call out charge.



      3.1 The standard warranty consists of One year parts and has a term which covers 1 years from the date of dispatch. Full cover is available within the mainland UK only. For restrictions refer to section 1.3 above.

      3.2 Year one cover is for labour and parts for all faults resulting from manufacturing defects covered within the terms and conditions of the standard warranty. (as determined by PureGusto.). If not a manufacturing defect the job may only be covered by the puregusto warranty cover if the customer is a regularly purchasing coffee customer.

      3.3. If a Year second or third year cover is offered, this relates only to faults resulting from manufacturing defects covered within the terms and conditions of the standard warranty. (as determined by PureGusto.).

      3.4. The warranty will always start from the date of the original PureGusto dispatch. A record of which can be obtained from PureGusto upon receipt of the full serial number of the equipment.

      4.1. Warranty work will only be undertaken upon the completion of the required paperwork to the nominated service agent.

      4.2. You will not be notified that a service call is chargeable before the work is carried out or invoiced. It is the call originators responsibility to ensure that the funds are allocated should a service call be found not to be covered by the manufacturing warranty and therefore become chargeable.

      4.3. Non warranty charges may vary. It is the call originator's responsibility to ensure that they are aware of the correct service pricing before a call is made. Charging tariffs are available on request.

      4.4. By placing a warranty service call the call originator confirms they have accepted the terms and conditions of the warranty and service pricing at the time the request was placed and understand that payment will be required within the payment terms stated by the service agent should the call become chargeable as determined by PureGusto.

      4.5. It is the responsibility of the call originator to notify PureGusto of any change in the machines condition, should the engineer attend and find the machine to be working, or not as described, a standard “aborted call” charge will be issued.

      4.6 The warranty term can be immediately invalidated if the customer has breached any of these terms.

      4.7 A monitored filtration device will usually be fitted on all plumbed-to mains water equipment. Failing to exchange these filtration devices 6 monthly and/or when notified will be considered a breach of these terms and affect the warranty status of the equipment.



      5.1. This warranty covers the machine only and does not include any other accessories provided with the machine (grinders, knock boxes etc) nameplates, fascia panels or accessories unless specifically stated in writing by PureGusto.

      5.2. This warranty covers manufacturing defects only and does not include work required to replace parts that have failed through wear and tear.

      5.3. The warranty call will be deemed non warranty and chargeable to the call originator if in the service agent’s opinion the breakdown was caused by any of the following. (the list is a guideline and is not exhaustive)

      A. Poor water quality

      B. Lime scale.

      C. Poor, fluctuating, or unsuitable water pressure.

      D. Problems with the site water supply, including pipes and the flexi hose to the machine.

      E. Problems with the site electrical power fitted to the machine, fitted cable or isolator where applicable.

      F. Internal lighting, displays, facial panels and keypads (touch pads)

      G. Incorrect use of the machine and misuse.

      H. Failure to operate the machine correctly.

      I. Failure to correctly or frequently clean the machine.

      J. Failure to de-scale the machine frequently and adequately.

      K. Failure to use PureGusto-approved supplies through the machine

      L. Breakages of any glass such a gauge glasses.

      M. Problems with any water treatment system connected the machine water supply.

      N. Programming or adjustment of any machine programming (including, operating settings, drink strengths, recipes and drink sizes)

      O. Failure of the machine or any machine component due to incorrect installation by a third party engineer

      P. Loss of any machine component.

      5.4 If the call is deemed not to be covered under the warranty by PureGusto, the call originator will be liable to pay all the costs incurred by the machine repair including but not limited to carraige, parking, ferry costs.

      5.5. PureGusto make the warranty coverage determination based on information stated by the appointed service agent. The decision is made on an individual basis taking the site history into account where appropriate. This decision can be re-evaluated on request, but any re-evaluated decision made by PureGusto will be deemed final. PureGusto will not re-evaluate any bill for non-coffee purchasing customers.



      6.1 Any modification made to the machine, unless completed or authorized in writing by PureGusto will immediately invalidate this warranty without notice resulting in the warranty being void and all service calls being chargeable.

      6.2 Only work carried out by authorized service agents can be covered under this warranty. Any work carried out by any other party or unauthorized company will immediately invalidate the machine warranty without notice resulting in the warranty being void and all service calls being chargeable.

      6.3 Any water filter fitted by PureGusto ltd or provided with equiment must be regulary changed (usually every 6 months) failure to change this as and when notified by PureGusto may with immediate effect invalidate any warranty on any beverage equipment.



      To insure your installation is completed efficiently, please note our following conditions for installations.

      Should your site not meet the requirements listed below please contact us immediately as the installation appointment may be aborted by our service engineer incurring costs to you.


      The Site MUST;

      Have the electrical supply within 1 meter of the centre line of the machines proposed location.

      Have the correct electrical supply for the ordered machine ready on site. E.G. single or three phase.

      Have a 15mm copper pipe mains water supply terminating with shut of valve incorporating a ¾ inch BSP connection within 1 meter if the machines centre line at the proposed location.

      Have the site water pressure within the operating range of 1-10 bar. (15-150psi)

      Ensure that if the counter or unit requires any holes drilling to enable the engineer to site the machine these must be complotted before the engineer arrives on site.

      Ensure the machine is immediately available to the engineer, within reasonable distance of the installation site. (should this require any machine over 15kg, lifting any distance greater than 1 meter assistance must be available)

      Ensure the relevant product ingredients are to hand

      The Engineer WILL;

      A. Unpack the machine and inspect the machine for transit damage.

      B. Install the machine in its proposed location.

      C. Connect the power and water to the machine.

      D. Set the machine to nay requirement the a site may have, Drink strength, cup size etc.

      E. Train staff in maintenance, cleaning and operation.

      F. Install water filter where necessary.

      G. Leave the area clean and tidy, with the packaging flat-packed for the sites disposal.


      PureGusto DOES NOT authorize its agents to;

      A. Change the power supply cable already attached to the machine.

      B. Connect the units to services over 1 meter away from the machines centre line. This is due to local bylaws in most counties.

      C. Modify the machines function or programming to alter the machines designed manufactured purpose. (Any such changes without the consent form PureGusto would immediately invalidate the warranty.)


      Should you have any quires please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department on 0800 644 6650

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