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      RLX Filter Coffee Machines

      RLX Filter Coffee Machines

      Are you on the hunt for an efficient and cost-effective filter coffee machine? At PureGusto you can find great deals on Bravilor Bonamat’s RLX filter coffee and hot water machines. Suitable for a wide range of commercial environments, these high quality and reliable models are packed with all the features you need.

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      Price 2,245.00 (2,694.00 Inc. VAT)
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      Price 69.99 (69.99 Inc. VAT)
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      Price 14.29 (14.29 Inc. VAT)
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      RLX Filter Coffee Machines

      Bravilor RLX 31

      Bravilor Rlx 31 Filter Coffee Machine

      Bravilor RLX 31
      Price 1,399.99
      You Save 210.00 (15%)
      Our Price 1,189.99 (1,427.99 Inc. VAT)
      CashBack PurePoints 594
      Availability Next-Day Cut Off

      Bravilor: RLX 76

      Bravilor Rlx 76 Filter Coffee Machine

      Bravilor: RLX 76
      Price 1,599.99
      You Save 240.00 (15%)
      Our Price 1,359.99 (1,631.99 Inc. VAT)
      CashBack PurePoints 679
      Availability Next-Day Cut Off

      Bravilor: RLX 75

      Bravilor Rlx 75 Filter Coffee Machine

      Bravilor: RLX 75
      Price 1,699.99
      You Save 300.90 (18%)
      Our Price 1,399.09 (1,678.91 Inc. VAT)
      CashBack PurePoints 699
      Availability Next-Day Cut Off

      Bravilor: RLX 41

      Bravilor Rlx 41 Filter Coffee Machine

      Bravilor: RLX 41
      Price 1,895.00
      You Save 295.05 (16%)
      Our Price 1,599.95 (1,919.94 Inc. VAT)
      CashBack PurePoints 799
      Availability Next-Day Cut Off

      Bravilor: RLX 575

      Bravilor Rlx 575 Filter Coffee Machine

      Bravilor: RLX 575
      Price 2,495.00
      You Save 499.00 (20%)
      Our Price 1,996.00 (2,395.20 Inc. VAT)
      CashBack PurePoints 998
      Availability Next-Day Cut Off

      Bravilor: RLX 585

      Bravilor Rlx 585 Filter Coffee Machine

      Bravilor: RLX 585
      Price 2,895.00
      You Save 607.95 (21%)
      Our Price 2,287.05 (2,744.46 Inc. VAT)
      CashBack PurePoints 1,143
      Availability Next-Day Cut Off
      RLX Filter Coffee Machines

      The RLX Range From Bravilor Bonomat

      Bravilor Bonamat is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic espresso machines, hot water dispensers and, of course, filter coffee machines. Established over 70 years ago, the company has been helping restaurants and commercial businesses fulfil their coffee-related needs since 1948. Today, many cafe operators, restaurateurs and business owners rely on RLX coffee machines to deliver reliable and high-quality coffee all year round.

      The RLX range of table-top range of filter coffee machines offer a convenient way to offer fresh coffee, and also fulfil other hot water needs for making a range of beverages. This flexibility makes them a valuable tool for a wide range of catering requirements.

      If that weren’t enough, Bravilor Bonamat carefully chooses its manufacturing materials to ensure they are as effective and reliable as possible. As well as reprocessing old materials minimising residual waste, the organisation continues to assess its environmental policies to lessen its burden on the environment and deliver sustainable products to customers.

      Deliciously Fresh Filter Coffee Every Time

      Whether you’re serving fresh coffee to customers in a café, delivering hot beverages to important clients or providing drinks for staff or other groups, RLX machines can be relied on to never compromise on flavour. Featuring special glass decanters and self-regulating hot plates, these clever devices are manufactured using high-quality materials designed to keep coffee tasting fresh and delicious.

      To complement your RLX machines we stock a range of award winning filter coffee, which has been convection roasted for an incredibly smooth taste. In addition to coffee, our tea range also offers a great selection of drinks that are perfect for catering, and can be made quickly and easily using the hot water tap available on many RLX models.

      A Range Of Rlx Machines To Suit Your Needs

      RLX coffee machines are designed to look the part. From their stainless-steel filter pans to their compact size, these sleek machines can seamlessly integrate into any commercial premises. RLX machines are designed with usability in mind. Featuring clear ‘coffee-is-ready’ signals and descale indicators, the machine is easy to operate and maintain.

      We stock RLX coffee machines in a range of sizes and options, from models such as the RLX 31 with filter coffee make and hot water dispenser, through to the RLX 585 with twin brewing systems and central hot water and steam taps. You can also find a comprehensive range of accessories for filter coffee machines, providing all the spares, extra parts and cleaning items that you need to keep your machine in top working order.

      The Best Filter Coffee Machines & More

      At PureGusto you can find great deals on the latest RLX filter coffee models as well as our complete range of coffee machines including commercial espresso machines for that authentic coffee making experience, and feature packed bean to cup machines for the ultimate in convenience.

      With fast delivery, free on orders over £49.99, and five star ratings from thousands of satisfied customers, PureGusto makes the perfect partner for all your coffee and cafe supply needs.

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