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Commercial Water Filters

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3M Scaleguard Water Filters

Scaleguard Water Filters By 3m

  • Price From £24.99 + VAT
Claris Ultra Water Filters

Water Filters By Claris Ultra

  • Price From £89.99 + VAT
Everpure Claris Water Filters

Ever Pure Claris Water Filters

  • Price From £54.99 + VAT
Brita Purity C Water Filters

Better For You, Better For The Environment. Brita Purity Water Filters have been developed specifically for use in the coffee industry to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus avoiding scale deposits in the upstream appliance.

  • Price From £34.99 + VAT
Brita Finest Purity Water Filters

Brita Finest Purity Water Filters

  • Price From £49.99 + VAT
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