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Winners Of 14 Great Taste Awards
2017 / 2018 / 2019 Gold Service Winner

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Yumcha Premium Natural Iced Teas

YUMCHA Iced Tea As It Should

Yum Cha Natural Iced Teas

Exclusively Available To The Foodservice Via PureGusto


Yumcha Farming Photo

YUMCHA Sour PlumWelcome to the world of Yum Cha instant iced tea. We make refreshingly simple drinks full of delicious and exotic flavour.

From the growing of the ingredients to the harvesting and preparation we take our time making Yum Cha. For you, it’s as simple as adding ice cold water for an instantly refreshing and unique drink.


The Yumcha Farm


Found in the rolling hills of the North Downs in Surrey, within a stones throw of Box Hill and nestled on the banks of the river Mole. It’s the ideal location to produce this wonderfully natural drink.

We’ve been farming here with passion and care for 32 years. But long before that the seeds of wild elderflower and nettles were planted here, and it’s wonderfully natural ingredients like this that make every glass of Yum Cha refreshingly simple.

The Yumcha Iced Tea Starter Pack Contains all the right ingredients to make Yumcha a huge natural success for you. Giving you all the flavours, pumps to dose them with and posters to show them off!

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Sour Plum Tea Is China�s Favourite Cooling Summer Drink Known As Suan Mei Tang. Made By Infusing Dried Sour Plums, Hawthorn, Liquorice, Sweet Osmanthus Flowers And Sugar It Is The Mother Of All Fruit Teas.

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Made Using Fresh Nettles Gathered On Our Own Farm, This Nettle Iced Tea Has A Much More Fragrant And Fresh Flavour Than Dried Nettle Tea.

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In Morocco, Drinking This Tea Is Considered An Art Form. Usually Enjoyed Hot, This Iced Tea Version Provides A Beautifully Fresh Cold Drink.

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Lemon Ceylon Is The Classic Iced Tea. Made From Sri Lankan Black Tea With A Squeeze Of Lemon Juice It Is Deliciously Refreshing And Tangy.

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This Earl Grey Iced Tea Is A Tea Blend With A Distinctive Flavour And Aroma Derived From The Addition Of Oil Extracted From The Rind Of The Bergamot Orange. The Unique And Fragrant Flavour Make This A Deliciously Refreshing Summer Cooler With Class.

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Made Using Fresh, Wild Elderflower Petals, This Refreshing And Fragrant Iced Tea Is An Instant Classic For The British Summer.

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Advertise Your Naturally Hydrating Iced Teas With Point Of Sale... 2 Beautifully Printed A3 Posters For Advertisements

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Ce Marked Pint & Half Pint Cups - Perfect For Those Beverages That Need To Be Taken Outdoor. Ideal For Pubs, Bars, Festivals And General Outdoor Use

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Neon, Black or Clear Flexi Straws. The Straw Also Has The Ability To Remain Straight Or Bend Depending On Preference.

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Clear Jumbo Straws Available In Spoon End Or Normal, Perfect For Milkshakes, Frappes And Cold Drinks With Wide Bore.

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