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Hot Chocolates & Chai Drinks

Hot Chocolate

Not everyone loves coffee nor will all your customers want tea. However, almost everyone loves the taste and satisfaction that comes from a cup of hot chocolate. Its universal appeal makes it a perennial favourite and a good way to attract new business. With the help of PureGusto, you can offer your customers top quality and great tasting drinks like PureGusto Premium Chocolate Blend and Zuma White Hot Chocolate.

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Hot Chai

Chai tea is a unique tasting tea from India. PureGusto gives you chai tea in spiced or vanilla, and it is a great alternative to traditional tea.

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Golden Turmeric Latte Powder

Our golden turmeric tastes amazing as its made from pure turmeric and ginger powders, its naturally sweetened using coconut blossom sugar to give a superior taste to most comparable products on the market currently.

  • PureGusto Price £14.99
  • Offer Price £12.49
  • You Save £2.50
Pack Size: 1 x 250g Turmeric Latte Powder
Guarana Cacao Latte Powder

While cocoa increases your well-being, Guarana improves your physical and mental performance by providing you with long-lasting energy.

  • PureGusto Price £14.99
  • Offer Price £10.99
  • You Save £4.00
Pack Size: 1 x 300g Guarana & Cocao Latte Powder
Beetroot Cacao Latte Powder

Perhaps one of the most beautiful lattes you ever will see, an absolute must for any coffee selling establishment looking for a unique experience

  • PureGusto Price £14.99
  • Offer Price £11.99
  • You Save £3.00
Pack Size: 1 x 300g Beetroot Latte Powder
PureGusto Premium Blend Hot Chocolate Powder

PureGusto Premium Chocolate Powder - Our Best Selling Hot Chocolate Mix - Made With Natural Vanilla And High Quality Cocoa - Extremely Economical And Superb Taste

  • Price From £4.99
Pack Size: 10 x 1 Kilo
Cosy Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 100g

Cosy Matcha is Matcha in its pure form and is high in fibre and protein. It is 100% Organic; meaning nothing has been added or taken away.

  • PureGusto Price £5.69
Pack Size: 1 X 100g
PureGusto Chai Latte Powder 1 KG

PURE GUSTO chai spiced tea is one of the fantastic products from the simply range. Our spiced chai latte is a deliciously creamy blend of tea, milk and exotic spices.

  • PureGusto Price £9.99
  • Offer Price £7.99
  • You Save £2.00
Pack Size: 1 KG Pouch
Simply Original Hot Chocolate Powder 2 KG

One of the industries leading beverage manufacturers best selling hot chocolate powders, 25% cocoa content will deliver a seductively sweet and smooth chocolate experience.

  • PureGusto Price £13.49
  • Offer Price £10.49
  • You Save £3.00
Pack Size: 2 KG Tin
Green Matcha Latte Powder

This special formula has a high content of pure Matcha and the secret weapons inside to make your hot or cold latte sinfully smooth and incredibly tasty.

  • PureGusto Price £14.99
  • Offer Price £12.49
  • You Save £2.50
Pack Size: 1 x 250g Matcha Latte Powder
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